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Translation, interpreting services

We provide a wide range of language translation and interpretation services, which can be calibrated on large or small scales.

We take pride in hundreds of clients in a variety of sectors, from engineering, construction, and industry applications, to architecture and design, healthcare professions, business, and marketing, for which we have provided linguistic services in more than 30 languages so far. 

Because of our accurate translation process, proven quality assurance procedures, and our streamlined, effective organisation, we are able to provide professional services at fair, reasonable prices.

Translation services

We provide professional translation in all major language combinations for a wide range of document types: technical and business literature, marketing studies, press articles, scientific papers, presentations, studies, reports, statements and accounts, newsletters, business letters, contracts, technical manuals, operating and maintenance manuals, product catalogues, web pages, and literary texts.

We carry out certified, sworn, and legalized translations (with an Apostille), transcribe and translate audio, video, and multimedia files, and work with specialist studios to dub audio, video, and multimedia files, using mother-tongue speakers and providing timed translations of the scripts.

In addition, we provide typesetting and desktop publishing services for the texts translated, thus delivering materials ready for publication in various formats.

Interpreting services

We provide a range of interpreting services, from accompanying assistants for business trips, trade-fairs and exhibitions, with a general knowledge of the languages, to consecutive interpreting with linguistic expertise, a firm grasp of the particular industry, and business negotiating skills.

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