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Why select our agency for your translations

A company with 25+ years of experience in technical and business translation from/into Italian

Planet language services is an Italian translation agency set up in 1997, based on one of its founder's long-standing experience in corporate linguistics and organisational services.
We translate from/into Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, and more than 30 other European and Asian languages.
We offer multilingual translation services in many specialist sectors: engineering, construction, industry, architecture, design, healthcare professions, business, marketing, advertising and public relations, tourist information and environmental policies.

Our translation agency has a streamlined and effective organisation

The translation agency is run by its founders, and has maintained its original structure of a small group of professionals who process, coordinate and check the results of the external translators who work on the specific assignments, while keeping in regular contact with clients and their functional structures.
This streamlined and effective organisation, which is not weighed down by administrative or marketing overheads, is the key for combining the quality of our services with our reasonable prices.

Our translators have gained sound professional skills

We are well aware of how important translation quality is for your business and the success of your company in the international market.
We are also aware that technical and business translation needs culture, specialist skills and terminology expertise.
For this reason, we have selected a consistent group of mother-tongue translators specialised in different technical and business sectors, who have gained sound professional skills and are recruited from all over the world.
From among them we normally find the the most suitable professional for your translation.

We have the support resources for technical and business translation

Over the years, we have accumulated considerable support resources, such as technical libraries in various areas of specialisation, specialised dictionaries and glossaries, so putting the work done to good use, and increasingly using the technical resources available over the Internet, the most appropriate computer assisted translation tools, translation memories, web and desktop search tools.

We translate documents in all formats

You send documents in all formats (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress, other formats), and we deliver the translations in the same way, within the time frames agreed and in accordance with your preferred formats.

We treat and protect your property with all due care

We are aware that the translations we are entrusted with are your exclusive and private property, we treat and protect them with all due care, and insist that all those who come into contact with them treat them with the same care and attention.

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