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How to request our translation services

How the cost of a translation is calculated

The fees invoiced for our translations take into account several factors:

For jobs of a consistent size a one-off payment may be agreed upon, which is binding for Planet language services. Due to the administrative tasks involved, which do not depend on the volume of text, and barring special agreements, the minimum invoice is normally not less than 100.00 euros.

How to request an estimate

You may request an estimate for a translation, under no obligation, by sending us an e-mail, or a fax, or by calling the numbers specified on our How to contact us page. Similarly, you may request an estimate or information regarding the other services that Planet language services provides.

On the Information for an estimate page you will find all the pointers regarding the information needed when requesting an estimate; in cases where you send in a complete copy of the text to be translated, the estimate will be very accurate (especially if the text is already in electronic format), and there is no need to specify the information describing it. In cases where you only send us a sample of the text to be translated, it is your responsibility to choose a sample which fully represents the complete text. In cases where no samples of the text to be translated are sent in, you must be precise when describing the characteristics. In both cases, however, there is a greater chance that the final translation will bear a different cost than the given estimate.

All our cost estimates are free of charge and are valid for one month.

How to place an order

You can inform Planet language services of your decision to proceed with the translation by sending an e-mail by way of confirmation, or you can send in your formal order, in accordance with your corporate regulations. Planet language services reserves the right, however, to ask for a formal purchase order to be issued containing the details of the service required.

Confirmation of a service to be provided by Planet language services, sent in by e-mail, or after issuing a formal purchase order, implies an awareness and complete acceptance of our Conditions for the supply of services.

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